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Seasoned rap veteran. TONEY CHROME, Back in 2003, 2 emcees named ENZAYNE ONE and KIAL, had an idea for an album with the sole purpose of reviving the dying art of HIP HOP. Real Name: Jan Emerson Magtoto Born: March 9, 1991 Alias: Just Hush Occupation: Singer, songwriter, producer, film maker Just Hush started making music at the age of 16 with the late 187 Mobstaz Entertainment.He is Currently a member of the award winning label, The Dirtyroom Productions, Effective in producing high-quality music, has produced various music for mainstream artists. Master on retaliation that he channels thru Heavy lyrical display. Mikekosa from 187 Mobstaz What's up sa lahat? It gained enough signatures to be placed on the ballot as a statutory initiative during the general election on November 8, 1994. There were roughly around 2,000 people attend the show. Born Michael Castro, lyricist, battle emcee. Band/artist history. BADANG, //

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